Snow Day Workout


Snow Day Workout:

Woman running on a snow dayNeed a workout for the snow day today?  Have no fear, this one will be sure to get you sweating even in the cold weather!

1.  Military March ~ Swing your arms and march forward for 10 giant steps. Turn around and march back to your starting spot. Do this (back and forth) at least six times, packing the snow down as you go.

Trainer Tip: Focus on swinging your arms and lifting your knees high to maximize lower body toning and calorie burn.

2.  Plank Walk ~ This move will use the path you’ve made. Stand tall and bend down at your waist, flexing your hips. Reach your (gloved!) hands to touch the ground and walk them forward until your body is parallel with the ground in a full pushup or “plank” position. Stay there for a beat and then walk back up. Reach your arms high and repeat the sequence five times.

Trainer Tip: This is great for chest, shoulder, triceps and core. To make it tougher, gradually increase the amount of time you hold your body in the pushup position.

3.  Snow Day Shuffle ~ Stand on one end of the path sideways. Bend your knees slightly and shuffle side sideways until you reach the other side. Try to make it back and forth four to six times.

Trainer Tip: Keep your body low and move quickly to blast calories and tone both the inner and outer thigh.

4. Frozen Lawn Lunges ~ Standing on one end of the lawn (use the path if you want an easier workout, new snow if you need a bigger challenge), alternate walking lunges for 20 steps (count right leg, left leg, 1, right leg, left leg, 2). Turn around and lunge back to your starting spot.

Trainer Tip: Keep a tight belly to work your core as well as your lower body.

5.  Snow Ball Target Practice ~ Walk to some deep snow and find a target like a tree, wall or fence. Make snowballs by squatting (by bending your knees, not your waist), grabbing snow and packing it. As soon as you make one, throw it as far and hard as you can, aiming for your target. Launch 20 balls.

Trainer Tip: This exercise is great for the lower body, butt and legs as well as the chest and shoulders.

6.  Feet Drag ~ In shallow snow, sidestep to the left with your left foot, and then slowly drag your right foot across your body in the snow, working the inner thigh. Then reverse the motion, stepping to your right and dragging your left foot. Go across back and forth 4 times.

Trainer Tip: Make sure not to cheat by speeding through the drag.

7.  Snow Day Angel Abs ~ Lie down on your back and place your hands behind your head. Bicycle the legs in and out, reaching across with the opposite elbow. Do six repetitions (after you bring both knees in, that is one rep) and then make five snow angels. Repeat this series twice.

Trainer Tip: During your snow angels, keep your arms and legs straight and extend them as far as possible to maximize the resistance.

8.  Stand up, take a deep breath and begin cycle again.