HCG Weight Loss Program

Our HCG Weight Loss Program is for those clients wanting to lose 25+ pounds in the span of the 40 days.  The clients who follow the plan usually average a 0.5 – 1.0 pound loss per day. During the first few days of the HCG program, you may experience mild hunger because you are drastically reducing your food intake.  But, by the second week, most people find the smaller intake of food to be quite satisfying. This is because HCG can help your body release calories from your stored fat and these calories are now circulating throughout your body. It is also because your hypothalamus is making adjustments to your metabolic rate, which helps you feel full faster. Since each person has a different weight loss goal; each program will be customized to everyone’s individual weight loss needs. And for those clients needing to lose a large amount of weight, a second or third course of the HCG treatments may be needed.  Our HCG Treatments come in the form of daily injections or nasal spray.


HCG Injection Guidelines

  • HCG must be kept cold in a refrigerator or on ice while traveling.
  • Read ALL information given to you about the HCG protocol
  • Your first 2 days are FAT LOAD DAYS  but do not start this until you have taken your first dose of HCG
  • Day 3 is the start of your reduced calorie diet plan.
  • Make sure all your make- up and skin care products are oil and vitamin E free while you are on the HCG
  • Check all your vitamins and make sure they do not contain any vitamin E

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