Bad Diet vs. Exercise


Exercise vs. Bad Diet: To Burn Calories Isn’t Enough

You can't out-exercise a bad diet

A vast majority of people believe that as long as you burn calories you can have a bad diet. Lets take a look at the numbers, shall we?

Average doughnut: 192 – 550 calories

Time to work that off: 30 – 90 mins of moderate exercise

If that is the only bad thing that you eat in a day/week, then yes, absolutely have a doughnut. If your diet is so impeccably tuned that your one morsel of bad calories comes in the form of a doughnut a week you deserve to have your moment of sweet tasting. Unfortunately that is not the case for most of us. Our diets contain so many more calories than we can burn off in one exercise.

Have you ever wondered why your workouts aren’t getting you the results that you desire? The very first place you should look, even before your workout regimen is your diet. As a general rule people don’t actually know how many calories they consume in a day. Weight Loss Meal Trackers are very telling as long as they are used correctly and shocking once the results are looked at. It takes a mere 3 minutes to consume 800-1000 calories but 2 hours to burn those calories. Yes we all know that it takes less time to consume calories than to burn them but it really puts it into perspective. Is it really worth it? In the case of exercise vs bad diet; you cannot work out enough to maintain a bad diet. If you really want to be lean it takes a balance of diet and exercise to get the results that you want.

Tips for good diet habits:

  • Eat 4-6 small meals per day
  • Snack on bananas, non fat yogurt, nuts and seeds
  • Cut down on portion size – a fist full is enough
  • Choose lean proteins – tuna, salmon, egg whites, lean beef, turkey breast, ground turkey
  • Increase water drinking and stick to non caffeinated beverages – an average person adds an extra 500-800 calories per day drinking soda
  • Eat high fiber carbs – corn tortillas, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread
  • Don’t think you have to clean your plate

So next time you have a piece of pizza or a doughnut or whatever unhealthy option in front of you, think how long would I have to work out just to break even with this bad diet option.