Botox Injections: 5 Things to Know


Botox Injections:

Botox InjectionsMany people are often afraid of getting Botox injections due to popular media; but with the correct information ahead of time you can avoid the “constantly surprised look” and get exactly the look you want!

1. Know what Botox injections can and cannot do:

Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles underneath the skin that cause the wrinkle in the first place. Botox injections are FDA approved and generally are used for the upper third of the face.

2. It is your job to determine the outcome of the Botox injection:

It’s your doctor’s job to figure out how to get there, and Botox injections may not be the only solution, so keep an open mind. If you tell your doctor that you are “happily married with children and just want to look a little more fresh,” they might stay on the conservative side. Just keep in mind that you are in control of how much is enough.


3. Stop taking fish oils and ibuprofen 2 weeks prior to your appointment:

This limits the potential for bruising and swelling. A natural alternative is eating pineapple, which contains bromelian, a natural anti-inflammatory.


4. Make sure you stay upright 2-4 hours post Botox injection:

This ensures the placement of the Botox injections. If you fall asleep or start doing yoga right after an appointment you can get droopy eyelids, a disappointing result.


5. Botox injections build up over time:

This means when you find someone to do your Botox injection, stick with them. Switching doctors and not sharing injection history can have disastrous results. If you need 5 units initially for crows feet, and continue to get 5 units from everyone else you go to, the “constantly surprised look” may be your new best friend. So when you find someone like the certified people at Advanced Weight Loss Clinic, stick with them.


All in all Botox injections can be a very good thing for a majority of people. As long as you know what you are walking into before you do. Advanced Weight Loss Clinic now has several Botox parties, sign up for our newsletter to receive more information.